The LXM (Life Extension Medicine) Humanitarian Foundation ‘ Giving Hope and Extending Life ’

Dear Friend,

It is with great pleasure that we inform you and the public about the establishment and registration of a unique Humanitarian Foundation, namely the LXM HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION.

The LXM Humanitarian Foundation is a unique and exceptional philanthropic foundation in the sense that the prime aim and objective of the foundation is to relieve physical suffering, cure chronic diseases or extend life with quality in the case of terminal illnesses.

When conventional medical treatments have failed, (for e.g. chemotherapy) or all the patients’ medical options have been utilized without success, or no further medical treatments are available and all hope is lost – The LXM HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION GIVES HOPE AND A SECOND CHANCE IN LIFE OR WILL EXTEND THE LIFE OF THE PATIENT, WITH QUALITY.

The LXM Humanitarian Foundation was established by Dr Steven Gunn, Dr Bret Phillips from the ADVANCED LIFE THERAPIES Medical Centre in Pretoria East. The ALT Medical Centre staff and health care practitioners have dedicated their lives, expertise, time and effort to treating patients and clients with undiagnosed illnesses, terminal diseases, chronic debilitating diseases (such as cancer), autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV/AIDs and complicated diabetes, from all over South Africa, Africa and Internationally.

The founders and dedicated staff realized the need to raise support and money to fund the treatment programs for many who are suffering from relentless pain, who are seriously ill or dying, who cannot afford their treatment, have exhausted what funds they had or their medical aid / insurance simply does not cover their treatment.

The Doctors at The Advanced Life Therapies Medical Centre have been helping and sponsoring many patients’ treatments over the past five years and although they do not turn anyone away, they unfortunately cannot carry or sponsor the scores of desperate or abandoned patients who are looking for hope or a second chance.

Here are just a few of the patients whose lives have been changed by the Doctors at the ALT Medical Centre and what the
ALT MED CARE’s Treatment programs have done for them:

  • A 41 year old lady with stage 4 (terminal) melanoma cancer who was given just 12-18 weeks to live, thanks to
    ALT MED CARE, lived for an additional 3 quality years.
  • A 32 year old lady suffering with long lasting fibro-myalgia, chronic fatigue and severe body pain for 7 years, having spent much of her adult life consulting multiple health care practitioners and taking numerous medications, was successfully treated and no longer experiences fatigue or body pain after two x 12 week sessions at ALT MED CARE Medical Centre.
  • A 33 year old lady with systemic scleroderma (a life threatening autoimmune disease) who was suffering for years with severe body pain, heart and kidney complications, who could not be treated with conventional medication as the side-effects nearly caused her death. This lady was treated by the doctors at ALT MED CARE Medical Centre using Integrative (non-conventional) Medical treatment, for more than 2 years, placing her in a stable condition, which has changed her life and reduced her suffering.

Your Support and Donations to The LXM Humanitarian Foundation may SAVE A LIFE or EXTEND A LIFE, by paying for some or all of the treatment. It may also help fund Research and Development by ALT MED CARE doctors and scientists and their associates, in the fields of Cancer and Chronic Diseases treatment.

The LXM Humanitarian Foundation welcomes all and any donations / sponsorship’s for those unfortunate individuals who require treatments.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Us on:
+27 (0) 12 991 1464 / 1764.

Your compassion, generosity and support to help even one fellow human being, will be sincerely appreciated.

Thank You
The LXM Humanitarian Foundation Management