Giving Hope; Extending Lives.

The LXM Humanitarian Foundation exists to offer hope to patients suffering from chronic diseases or terminal illnesses, and who cannot afford the treatment programmes that could cure them or add quality months or years to their lives.

Our Challenges

Many thousands of South Africans lack the medical aid cover or funds to afford the treatment programmes they need.

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Our Objectives

To turn no-one away, and to provide compassion, generosity, support and treatment to all those who so desperately need it.

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Our Solutions

Advanced therapies designed to reduce and relieve suffering, and add quality and hope to the lives of patients.

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Life-X-Med, Humanitarian Foundation.

A philanthropic foundation established to ensure that every patient gets the life-changing treatment they need, no matter how grave the diagnosis.

The LXM Humanitarian Foundation is a natural extension of the work of the original Life Extension Medical Centre (LXM Centre) in Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria. A specialist centre for the treatment of terminal diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS, as well as chronic conditions which can severely undermine a person’s quality of life, the LXM Centre was specifically set up to provide hope and a second chance to people who had been told that there was no further viable medical treatment available.

Research into the latest international therapies and support programmes available to patients in severe pain, or who were forced to reconcile themselves to continuously declining health, inspired Dr Steven Gunn and Dr Bret Phillips to set up the Advanced Life Therapies Medical Care Centre in Pretoria East. The two founders used their combined medical and scientific knowledge to improve the services and treatment protocols available to terminally ill patients. Patients were given a second chance, or more time to spend with their loved ones.

The goal of each treatment programme is to cure the patient or (in the case of cancer) bring about a complete remission. Where this is not possible, the focus shifts to extending the patient’s life with quality. It’s not simply a question of adding days, but of adding meaningful, quality time.
Many of our success stories have come in the face of even the most pessimistic prognoses, and patients who were unable to get through the door unaided, walk out under their own steam just weeks later.


Our Promise & Creed

We believe that every patient has the right to dignity and quality of life, regardless of whatever disease or condition they may be suffering from.

Our creed states that we will never turn away a patient who needs our help, no matter what their financial circumstances. Rather, we will strive to give them hope and an opportunity to be healed, or to have their chronic condition improved. To do this, however, we need your help…